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Vein & Lymphatic University
                      VLU voices

                                                        February    2024

                                       Dr. Glenn Jacobowitz highlights
                                       new topics for  the AVF meeting at

                                       VENOUS 2024

                                       Behind the Scenes Look into SIR

                                       2024 with Dr Cressman

                                       Dr. Sarah Onida explores the
                                       cutting edge of Biomarkers for
                                       Venous Disease

                                       Dr. Ruth Bush discusses her
                                       vision for the presidency for the
                                       American Venous Forum for


                                       Hot new talks for the 2024

                                       International Vein Congress 2024

                                       New Initiative for VLU diagnosis

                                       and treatment from India

                                       Dr. Nicos Labropoulos highlights
                                       exciting sessions at the 2024

                                       Venous Symposium in NYC!

                                       List of upcoming venous meetings

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